My Story

Virtual Answer for Time is me, Stephanie Lewis. I have 30+ years of experience in management, customer support and business development. Small businesses hire me to act as their part-time, “business manager and executive virtual assistant.” I live in Grand Prairie, Texas with my spoiled yorkie that thinks he is a human, Koby.

Here’s my story:

I spent the majority of my adult life working in corporate America, and in particular, customer support and business development. I enjoyed the work and those I had the opportunity to work with immensely.

I had many assignments, projects and promotions along the way and the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant business-minded individuals, many of whom took time to teach me and mentor me along the way.

It was in my role as Director of Business Development and Manager of the Customer Support Managers that gave me the valuable insight into the complexities of the corporate world and was much like running a business.

The tasks and responsibilities were endless. Revenue goals to be met, budgeting, weekly and monthly reports, PowerPoint presentations to prepare and give, traveling internationally as well as domestically, reviewing invoices, the never fun task of collections on past due accounts, negotiating and writing multi-million dollar contracts, managing the goals and objectives of the team and there were never enough hours in the day.

In a quest for a more balanced and fulfilling work-life experience, I realized the time had come to take all the experience I had gained over the years and to turn a dream into a reality of helping others to bring reality to their dreams.

Drawing from my own experiences, I intimately understand the challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face. This understanding and my organizational skills enable me to provide them with tailored solutions to alleviate their stress and create harmony in their professional lives.

Today I run Virtual Answer for Time. I take pride in being a detailed and organized person. It’s a quality that sets me apart and enables me to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses effectively by entrusting me with the necessary details that often consume their valuable time.

Virtual Answer for Time is hired by entrepreneurs and small businesses to act as their virtual assistant, helping them with the back-office tasks so they can focus on the core work of their business, make more money, more efficiently and with less stress and to do the work that they love.